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The Center for Foster Care and Adoption Belgrade in 2013 enters the fifth year since its establishment with significantly extended area of its activities and new challenges that lead us further towards creating our own identity and recognition within the system of social protection. All of this is possible due to the quality of the work in the Center. The Center was established during the process of reform, and it has already paved the reform path by following effects, which were already taken but also through mutually related activities that have to be tightly coordinated in order to achieve planned goals and expected results.

Today, our institution has a new name – apart from foster care we have extended our activities to the area of adoption.

We have also extended territory where our activities take place to Kolubara and Mačva Districts.

Our Head Office is in Belgrade, Municipality Vračar, in Radoslava Grujića Street, number 17.
Phone: +381 11/2421-191; e-mail: office@hraniteljstvocps.gov.rs


Our Work Units are:

In Valjevo, Vuka Karadžića Street, number 43/7, phone: +381 14/ 245-513

In Loznica, Maksima Gorkog Street, no number (bb), phone: +381 15/872-042

Office in Šabac, Masarikova Street, no. 135, 3rd floor, apartment 27, phone: +381 15/ 355-617

Office in Vladimirici, Svetog Save Street, no number (bb), phone: +381 15/513-696


 Collection of works: Foster care chalenges at the beginning of XXI century
 The rights of the children and foster carers