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(Procedure for the establishment of Foster care)


Those citizens who wish to take part in foster care, should submit an application to The Centre for Social Work within the Municipality of their residence and along the application there should be the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of the ID card;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Marriage Certificate (if the applicant is married);
  • Citizenship Certificate;
  • Medical Certificate;
  • Certificate of Employment and monthly income (income from agricultural activities, monthly rentals of an apartment/house, and other unregistered activities are also included);
  • Certificate of Property Holdings (real estate contract);

    This is a contract between parties used for the purpose of purchasing and selling, exchange or any other conveyance of real estate (apartment, house, lease, repurchase, probate)

  • Certificate of No Criminal Conviction – it shall be obtained ex officio by the Center for Social Work;
  • Certificate that will prove that there is not any type of investigation against foster carer, or that he/she is not indicted;
  • Certificate that a person is not deprived of parental rights (it can be obtained in the Court, Office of the Clerk of Court extra-judicial cases);
  • Certificate that a person is not deprived of business capabilities (it can be obtained in The Center for Social Work);
  • Certificate that a person is not registered as a person with a certain measure of protection against domestic violence (it can be obtained in The Center for Social Work).


Application with all the necessary documentation shall be submitted to the Center for Social Work.



The process of evaluation of general suitability of foster family includes the following:

  • Document analysis of future foster carers;
  • Interview with future foster carers within the institution;
  • Interview with family members of future foster carers during a house visit;
  • Evaluation during the Program of preparation for foster care.




Spouses or unmarried partners attend preparation and training program for foster care – future foster carers. The training process lasts 33 hours. Three-hour workshops are held once a week within the Center for Foster Care and Adoption Belgrade.



After the ending of preparation program, Center for Foster Care and Adoption creates Synthesis Report – findings and expert opinion on general suitability of future foster carers. This Report is delivered to The Center for Social Work. Further, The Center for Social Work provides a decision on general suitability of future foster carers and issues a certificate for foster care, with validity period of two years.

Foster carers have the right to appeal to the decision made by The Center for Social Work in case when foster carers were not granted general suitability for foster care.

After the end of validity period, Center for Foster Care makes a decision on extension or termination of the Certificate for foster care. This decision is brought based on the fact how successful was the role of foster carer, but also based on monitoring process of foster family – in other words, this decision is made based on the Report issued by the Center for Foster Care and Adoption regarding the re-evaluation of foster family.



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