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  • Only foster families with general suitability and a confirmation from the Centre for Social Work in charge for the matter can work in the field of foster care.
  • Suitability of foster carers is re-evaluated after two years and the confirmation can be prolonged or terminated;
  • Foster carers have the obligation to obtain at least 10 hours of training for performing their role as foster carers;
  • Foster carers who maintain their role in foster care receive help from counselors for foster care and people who provide educational programs;
  • Foster carers write all important information and obligations towards the needs of the child in “Workbook for foster carers”, and they also cooperate with counselors for foster care;
  • Foster carers gather all necessary information about the child and they keep Informant about the child “My life path”, in other words, they help the child to keep the record of his/her life story;
  • Foster carers sign a contract for accommodation for every child. The contract is signed between foster carers and Centre for Social Work in charge of the child and also with the Centre for Foster Care;
  • Foster family can have three children in foster care at the most, or two if the children experience some developmental difficulties.
  • Foster family can have more than three children in foster care if the children in foster care are brothers and sisters;
  • Foster family receives a compensation for child support and compensation for their own work. Compensation for child support is enhanced in cases when child in foster care has developmental difficulties or has combined developmental difficulties;
  • Foster family has the obligation to spend the money from the compensation for child support on the needs of that child;
  • Foster family pays attention to the fact that all the rights of the child in foster care are exercised: both within foster family and local community;
  • In the upbringing of the child, foster family applies all acceptable methods of upbringing, foster family restrains from physical punishing the child and protects the child from any forms of abuse in every possible situation;



  • Competent foster family is the family that encourages the development of child’s potential and supports the child in developing the talents and interests;
  • Competent foster family is the family that works on developing the self-confidence with the child, accepts the child without discriminating him/her based on national, social background or handicap and protects the child form stigmatization and discrimination form others;
  • Competent foster family supports personal, family, national, religious and cultural identity of the child;
  • Competent foster family cooperates with experts from the field of social protection and experts from other systems, as well as with the birth family of the child and other important people from child’s life. 


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